Top 5 Spooky Video Game Songs

Video games can be pretty spooky. Some games are meant to be spooky, but more often than not they aren’t. A huge factor in a game’s spookiness is it’s music. Music can add an entirely new mood to something that should be completely non-threatening. Here’s a list.


Happy Octo-bear

5. Lavender Town ( Pokemon Red/Blue )

Dumb creepypasta bullshit aside, this song is actually pretty unsettling. The slow, off-key, high pitched notes coupled by a slogging bass line and a subtle reverb is actually a really uncomfortable thing to listen to. I know it spooks the shit out of me whenever I hear it.

It’s also the song that plays in the town with the pokemon graveyard, so spooky ghosts is on the prowl too. Pokemon, obviously, however, is not a spooky game, nor is it even remotely spooktacular aside from this one song, which is honestly brought down by the autistic internet myths surrounding it.

4. O Death ( Until Dawn )

There’s something inherently spooky about folk music. The simplistic, tribal sound that O Death brings to the table really sets up the mood that the rest of the game follows post opening.


It’s a scary game, and the imagery that accompanies a song about death is slightly unsettling, not to mention it’s slow, brooding tone and intense acoustic instruments paint a picture of despair, and above all, spookiness.

3. Big Boo’s Haunt ( Super Mario 64 )

Yo, okay. Big Boo’s Haunt is so abstract and unsettling that it barely qualifies as a song. It’s just a series of incredibly slow, low pitched, off key noises accompanied by tapping drums, until a disturbingly off-key and off tempo xylophone gets thrown into a mix. I don’t like it, it makes me want to crawl under the covers and hide from the eldritch horrors that are going to accompany this fucking terrifying piece of music from A CHILDREN’S GAME.

Also, that fucking piano. Fuck that fucking piano.

2. Giygas Battle ( Earthbound )

Hey, Nintendo, what the actual fuck? Why is it that when it comes to unsettling, terrifying music you decide to poke your nose in for more than half of the fucking list? Don’t you make family games?

So the final boss music from Earthbound is terrifying. It’s actually nightmarish, even. It’s one of the most unsettling songs I’ve ever heard, let alone in a video game. Like Big Boo’s Haunt it’s mostly a series of disturbing incohesive noises meant to fracture your mind and frighten your soul until an actual instrument comes in. But wait, halfway through the song it turns into a calm, almost lullaby, until fuck you, it turns into a series of fractured electronic noises like you pulled your fucking N64 cartridge out halfway in the middle of playing. It’s fucked. Seriously fucked, and it’s not even a horror game, why would you even do this?

Honorable Mentions

1. Pumpkin Hill ( Sonic Adventure 2 )

It’s easy to believe I did this list just to make this joke, but nah.

Unlike Sonic I don’t chuckle.


5 thoughts on “Top 5 Spooky Video Game Songs

  1. When I clicked the post I was just thinking, “Lavender Town has got to be on the list” and lo and behold, it is! Also, “Also, that fucking piano. Fuck that fucking piano.” – Couldnt agree more.


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