ERASED Impressions


Let me start off by saying I fucking adore supernatural thriller. The X-Files, Supernatural, and even the more noir-esque (Noirish? Noir-like?) stuff like Jessica Jones and Monster are absolutely 100% my fucking shit. So with that said, you can probably guess my stance on a show like ERASED.

Its my fucking shit.

I know, bold statement to make about a show I’m only four episodes into, but I’d be lying if I said that those four episodes didn’t hook me like a grotesque humanoid fish. Another big thing is that it feels fresh and unique, something that the medium desperately needs in a sea of…


Idk fucking Cute Girls Do Things S37 or some shit

It has all the key points of a good supernatural thriller or even a good mystery. Without being too vague or too oblique it sets up a scenario in which the protagonist has to stop a murder that’s already happened, but just wasn’t solved. It gives you the clues you need to get what’s going on without giving away too much. You have a kidnapping, a murder, and a patsy, and our main character has to save the lives of (as of episode 4) three people. His mom, his former classmate, and the aforementioned patsy who went down for a crime that he didn’t commit.

And all of this has to be done as a 6th grader.

With no authority and no physical power the protagonist, who is technically 25 but has a supernatural ability to be sent back in time to hopefully prevent something really shitty from happening, usually in the immediate past but this time in the distant past, has to prevent this string of crime from ever happening. He decides to do this through building relationships and trying to change bits of the past rather than outright hunting down the criminal.

This approach to the narrative keeps it from being “just another mystery” and elevates it to something that isn’t seen often. It keeps characters believable and not just a bunch of rag tag Mary Sues that can stop dangerous criminals outright and head on at the age of 11. It keeps things interesting and unpredictable, as the tension from the main character’s actions comes from “what will he do if he gets caught doing this thing that children shouldn’t do” rather than “what if he gets caught by a peer” or “what if he gets caught doing something illegal?”

It does a neat thing where instead of giving us a perfectly capable and respectable private eye, it gives us what is, for all intents and purposes, a child who shouldn’t be asking questions like “where were you on the night of October 12th?”

This perspective makes the story. It causes the narrative to explore not only the minds and relationships of elementary school kids in a more realistic way than, say, Mitsudomoe or something of that ilk, but also creates an interesting character that is forced to act, speak, and at times, think like a child.

maxresdefault (7)

So, in short, go watch ERASED. Its an incredibly interesting show.

(P.S. the rest of the season is shit)

Bonus: State of the Blog Part 1,000,000

Honestly I’m going to keep this part short because I keep spinning in circles, repeating myself, etc. The long and short of it all is living out from under my parent’s tit is busier than I could have ever expected so I really don’t have the time to write on here as much as I did when the blog started. The planned content isn’t going to pan out, and I can really only write every once and a while so I’m going to save it for stuff I’m really itching to talk about. That being said I do have a few things drafted and hopefully will be ready to publish in February.

  • A School-Live anime review: I’ve had this one cooking forever but I can’t seem to get it just the way I want it. I want it to be an intelligent review rather than a by the numbers thing because my School-Live posts are easily my most popular two posts and the one about the manga is at like 1,000 views and still bringing in traffic on a daily basis. So yeah, once I get that the way I want it to read I’ll throw it up.
  • A Top Ten Games of 2014 list: Yes, that’s 2014. I explain it in the first part as to why that is. Also, “part?” you ask. I’m going to try out a new list format where each entry is its own article, that way I have the time to tweak each entry and talk extensively on each entry. I think it will be a really good format for me and the first part of this list (and I should really stop shooting myself in the foot with deadlines jfc) will hopefully (hopefully) be up by Superbowl Sunday (probably the only time the Superbowl will be mentioned on this blog.)
  • A Top 5 Anime of 2015 list: Pretty darn self-explanatory. While I may not have played a ton of games in 2015 I watched a bunch of anime and listened to a shit ton of music.
  • A Top 5 Albums of 2015 list: Music! My job revolves around driving after all. I listen to music like all day erry day.

A lot of lists yes but hey it’s the beginning of a new year so it’s prolly k. Another reason I haven’t been blogging as much is because I’ve really been going at it on writing a book. I’m like 10,000 words in (which is a fucking accomplishment if you guys have ever attempted fiction). I don’t know if I’m going to attempt to get it published or indie novel that shit or something, but since it’ll probably be trash I might just throw it up on an amateur writing site. Either way I’ll be sure to let you guys know about that because I’m sure you really care.


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