Abysmal’s Top 5 Waifus (The Valentine’s Post)


Alone on Valentines day? Of course you are. Don’t worry, take your day to cuddle up to your favorite anime body  pillow and cry about your empty existence watch some anime, and there are no better 2d wiminz to cuddle up to than the one’s on this list.


5  . Yours

Your waifu is trash, but I guess if you want to continue having shitty taste that’s fine, but she’ll always be at the bottom of the list.

So will you.


4 . Propane

I tell u h’wut, you kids keep cuddlin’ with your dang pillows, and I’ll be cuddling my tank of Strickland propane.

hqdefault (2)

3 . Ryotaro Dojima

The best girl in Persona could not only out drink you, but also solve the mystery of why you’re alone on Valentine’s day.

“Well that’s not much of a mystery at all now is it?”

Well Dojima isn’t the best detective now is he?


2 . John Cena

The meme that won’t die could not only treat you right, but could also beat up all those bullies that keep making fun of you for bringing that Asuka pillow to prom.

I mean seriously, Asuka? I’d make fun of you too.


1 . An Actual Woman

But you’ll never know.


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