Does Destiny Need A Sequel?


Destiny 2 was Activision’s worst kept secret. Between a contract for Bungie to drop 4 major Destiny releases every other year (The Taken King legendary edition counting for whatever reason) to news confirming the game’s release in 2017, it probably wasn’t ever meant to be a secret in the first place.

Which begs the question of “why?” It’s no surprise seeing as Activision beats titles into the ground with sequels (the Hero series being a great example of too fucking much) but Destiny is a different package. It’s an MMO-like, not a quick experience with a clear cut ending like Call of Duty or Guitar Hero, with players sinking hours upon hours, myself included, into grinds to max out their characters.

Are MMO sequels ever a good idea?

Imagine sinking over a thousand hours into World of Warcraft, only for Blizzard to stop supporting it, and that’s a real issue I’ve been mulling over with Destiny 2 on the horizon. I’ve been sinking hours of my life into a game every day to get the best gear possible, and that takes time. Lots and lots of time.

But, with Destiny 2 on the horizon, is it even worth trying to do that if I just have to start over with a new installment next year. Unless my character seamlessly transitions into Destiny 2, with all of my gear and level advancement, I just can’t see myself getting excited to start all over from the beginning.

But, with all my skepticism and cynicism, there are a few ways Bungie could get me excited for their next installment.


Character Rollover

Character and save importing is not a new thing in games. We’ve seen it in Mass Effect and The Witcher, but the characters don’t really rollover. Sure the choices are in tact and the appearance the same, but Destiny 2 would have to let players retain their level and gear to keep many interested.

Sure, the campaign and level/light caps would have to compensate for the level 50’s all pouring in, along with allowing newcomers to start from scratch, but it would be nice to see the people grinding away at heroic missions to just immediately start grinding away at heroics from the get go.

Obviously this would be an unreasonable amount of work and pure fantasy, but hey, it’s my post let me dream.



Honestly, this was just an excuse to get on my soapbox and write a short post complaining about how much time I’m going to lose from grinding out my Destiny 1 characters going into 2. I’m not going to quit playing, especially not with Rise of Iron dropping next month, but it is a burden knowing it’s not going to matter in a year.

Which sucks, but with The Taken King being a huge improvement over vanilla, Destiny 2 shows big promise, and I’m sure 28 days (in-game) later I’ll be bitching about how I have to start all over with Destiny 3.



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