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I used to do newsisms over at Game News (which is now merged with Leviathyn which I could’ve wrote for), and decided since that was only newsisms about video games, I wanted to start a personal blog where I do reviews and editorials on games and anime. I have words, and thoughts, and I want to share them with the world, so that’s what this is essentially. And honestly, I’ve realized I write way more about anime, and guess what? Das cos dat shits cheaper, homie.

Look at all this fucking money I’m saving

I love these two mediums and I just want to write about them for funsies. So I hope you rike it.

Honestly, at first, I thought it would be best to be as professional as possible with my reviews and opinion pieces, only doing stuff that’s new and fresh. But I realized, that’s fucking boring, and detracts from my personality as a non-professional sarcastic little prick who tries to be way funnier than he actually is. So I’m just going to do what I want, and write about whatever I happen to be watching or playing. This is just a personal project to keep me occupied in my free time.

My review format and writing style is not static. Over time things will change. As far as my ranking system goes:

0- Cancer; Can literally kill people. If anything ever gets this score. It will likely be my last post, for it will have killed me.

0.5- Train-wreck; avoid at all costs, if you had a gun to your head, it would be easier to let them shoot than endure this. These are poison, pieces of media so vile and wretched that they could literally warp a mortal’s feeble mind into something far more sinister: a critic

1- Garbage; Avoid at most costs , not quite toxic, don’t let him shoot

1.5- Terrible; Maybe you’re a masochist

2.0- Awful; Barely any redeeming qualities

2.5- Very bad; There is worse out there, but not much

3- Quite Bad; Not much here worth your time

3.5- Bad; could be worth a laugh on a rainy day

4- 12011374_955209744537413_3170723565582298538_n

4.5- Below Average; But not by much

5- Average; Depending on your tastes you may enjoy it, or if there isn’t anything better to do it may be worth it

5.5- Above Average; But not by much

6- Fine; Generally worth a go if you’re into the genre

6.5- Pretty Good; Its just pretty good

7- Good; Generally worth a go

7.5-  Quite Good; Indeed

8- Very Good; Definitely worth a go if you’re considering

8.5- Great; A must watch/play

9- Incredible; A marvel of its medium

9.5– Masterpiece; You would be doing yourself a disservice to skip this

10- Essential; Nothing is perfect. Asking for perfection is asking for the impossible, but this score is given to those experiences that aren’t to be missed by any fan of the medium by any means. These experiences are either so tight and polished with flaws few and far between, or something that may be flawed in more ways than one, but are so unique or ambitious that they are essential to the culture of the medium.

TL;DR: I just write dumb shit about fucking video games and anime and shit, and every once in a while my creative constipation will allow me to shit out something that doesn’t belong in the John.

Ask me things/request things with one of them fancy electronic mails: abysmalblog@gmail.com

Sometimes I look back at posts and dislike them, therefore I remove them from the eye of the public. The dedicated can find such posts here.


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