Charlotte Review: Super Zeroes

After finishing Charlotte I now believe that KEY simply can’t write original anime projects at all. Charlotte takes every problem Angel Beats had, and makes them worse.


Are Games Getting Too Big?

Metal Gear Solid V is finally upon us. Kojima’s last hurrah comes in the form of the biggest, most ambitious game the beloved franchise has seen to date, and will ever see, as Kojima says farewell to the company and the franchise. I’m certainly having a blast with it, but it’s made me think about something I never though I’d have to think about, at least in a Metal Gear game.

Is this too much?

My Top 10 Romance Anime

Summers almost over, and its too late for you to try and make up for all that time you spent not getting any now! So instead of making mistakes you should just watch cartoons do all that hard work instead! Here’s a list.